MARS - Are their candy products 3 Musketeers, Snickers, M&M, Twix, Milkyway, Mars, Haram or Halal?

I've been reading conflicting reports on the web about Mars Candy products to be Haram and then retractions that they are not. To nip this issue in the bud, I called the MARS company directly and asked them the following:
Could you please tell me which of your candy / ice-cream products have Animal Extract in it and which ones don't?
I talked to nice lady by the name of "Cindy", who put me on hold and pulled up the PRODUCT guide for the candies I inquired about. NOTE: I was told that I CANNOT get this list via e-mail, as the ingredients keeps on changing. This struck ODD to me, as to WHY the formulas would change. This could have direct impact on the product consumer base. 

  • The list goes as follows, which I asked about. - 
  • 3 Musketeers - ONLY MINT is OK.
  • Snickers - Both regular and Ice-cream are OK.
  • M&M's regular and Peanut are OK.
  • TWIX is OK.
  • Milkyway regular (did not ask about others) is OK.
  • MARS (that is NOT sold in the US). 

I also asked about Skittles, Gummy bears and Starburst; so I was forwarded to a diff number, the results are as follows: - Skittles: As of this month, animal products will be removed from this product. Check the date label before you consume them. - Starburst, Gummy Bears - They use animal / pork extracts in them. Starburst has BEEF and Gummy Bears have Pork Gelatin in it.

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