M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant - Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Why write for M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant?

We at M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant, are a high Domain Authority (51) and Page Authority (37) site. In simpler terms - our readers like and trust what we write.

We are passionate to learn about anything related to Business Models, Business Strategies, Business Frameworks - in general anything that leads to better business outcomes. This helps our readers learn from what others have done and adapt their business strategies accordingly. 

Guidelines to write for M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant:

As of 2022, we've shifted from unsolicited submissions (spam, plagiarism) to only accepting write ups that meet the following guidelines: 

  • Purpose: The focus of the article should be to inform or inspire the audience. Self-Promotion is not the intent, though a backlink to the author profile will be shared.
  • Audience: All posts should be tailored towards business enthusiasts. This could be someone who simply wants to learn about business or wants to get inspired by others in the field.
  • Categories [Keywords]: Guest posts should fall into general business related categories. Any breaking news related to business can also be reported, as we're a Google Approved News Site - sources must be quoted. Below primary and secondary keywords should be utilized. 
    • Keywords: Business Consulting, Business Models, Business Frameworks, Business Strategy, Strategy, Strategy Execution, Business templates - at least one provided
    • Secondary: Metaverse, Finance, Crypto Currency, Financial Models...etc - at least two provided
  • Formatting: Articles should be unique, grammatically correct and have at least one image (royalty free) aligned with content. Authors should use Wikimedia commons, for such images (not affiliated to M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant). 
    • A report from plagiarism checker or CopyScape and grammar checker (not affiliated to M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant), must be submitted, confirming no plagiarism issues with the article. Below is an example of a submission that will be accepted. 

  • Length & Content: Articles should fall between 700 - 1,500 words in length, be informative, actionable (if so written), provide references, fact based and appropriate images (with sources) as applicable. Existing content should serve as samples.
  • Author: The author of the post should possess the traits of the target audience - Learn, Share and Growth mindset. A link to the author profile will be shared (preferably LinkedIn)

How to submit an article to M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant?

  • To submit, please email to articlead-Konsulting@yahoo.com with 
    • Subject: M3Consult - [Article Name] [Date: MM DD YYYY] 
    • Body: Plagiarism (85% unique) and No Grammar issue report. Title of Article (H1) with proper sub-headings and content (see existing articles as samples)
    • Author: Name and LinkedIn Profile link or Sitelink. 
    • Keywords: 3 must be aligned with Categories mentioned above. (Review existing posts for keywords)
  • If the article does not have the requirements outlined above, it will be auto-rejected. 
  • Approved authors are notified [with in 5 business day, depending on Volume] of publication date and queue. No responses are sent for rejected articles.
  • No revisions are expected to the published articles.

Before submitting, please note:

  • Only articles that align with M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant Purpose and Audience will be published.
  • 1 DoFollow backlink to the author profile and/or site will be provided. The author, should reciprocate with a backlink on their appropriate channels. This builds further trust with our readers and provides greater visibility to the authors work.
  • Revisions, post publications will not be possible. 
  • Depending on the number of articles in queue, it may take as many as 5 business days to review the article. Once an article is placed in queue, the author will be notified.  
  • Spot checks will be done using Copyscape (not affiliated to M Mahmood - Strategist & Consultant) and any violations identified for plagiarism will lead to removing the article and the author will be banned from further submissions.