FCC Commissioner Asks Google and Apple to Remove TikTok App

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FCC Commissioner Asks Google and Apple to Remove TikTok App

On June 24th, 2022, US Federal Commission Brendan Carr, wrote to heads of Apple (Tim Cook) and Google (Sundar Pichai), suggesting the TikTok is a national security threat, collective sensitive data on American citizens is being harvested by the Chinese government. Based on these assertions, FCC chair has requested both companies to remove TikTok from their respective stores.

There has yet to be a response from either firm and actions they may or may not take.

Our Disposition on the matter?

Whilst, we agree that TikTok is probably extracting more information about its users than it suggests, this is no different than what Meta (Facebook) and Google do to their users as well. Privacy has become "non-existent" for consumers as its big business for firms, especially the social media firms. 

To bring back the right of the consumers, Web3 (Web 3.0), is being built, where privacy and security and supposed to the main tenants. Consumers will have the power to share and monetize what they want vs being used as a commodity. Mr Carr, should therefore add all firms that collect sensitive data from users to the list, with TikTok being the top priority.

Letter shared by Mr. Carr via Twitter.

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