Krenel, A New Platform to Find Best Business Startup Ideas, from Successful Entrepreneurs

Ryan Holmes, 
founder of Hootsuite, with help from his studio team, Alex Simpson, Paul Donnelly and Joel Hansen, have formed a new platform called Kernal. The idea of this platform is to have successful entrepreneurs share their unused ideas online - and they are open to others materializing them. According to the Kernal team:
“We realized that there are platforms for products (, questions ( and fundraising (, but there isn't a platform for people to share and validate ideas to see if they’re worth pursuing,” Hansen said. “Rather than letting great ideas die in notebooks/google docs, we built a space for entrepreneurs to find, share and grow more startup ideas.”
Our consulting team has applied to gain access to the platform, as they are invite-only for now. In the meantime, here 3 out of 10 ideas that Hansen has shared with the larger community, which our team found intriguing. 

1. A communal tool shed for neighborhoods
“What if there was a communal shed in the neighborhood that was fully loaded and you just had to use your phone to unlock and sign out what you needed?” asks Mike Parkhill, who posted this idea. 
Users would pay a monthly or annual fee to access it, and therefore wouldn’t need to buy and maintain their own tools. Here's a screen shot about how the idea was submitted and feedback on the idea.

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2. “Shadow A CEO” Courses and Programs

“Follow a CEO for a day and take detailed notes: How do they email? How do they manage their calendar? How do they make decisions?” writes Trevor McKendrick, chief of staff at Lambda School, who posted this idea. 
“People will be shocked how quickly CEOs move on BIG issues and decisions. Do it for 10 CEOs and package that into a program. Having access to those details would be huge.”

3. Classpass for Conferences

Why pay for lots of conferences individually, when you could buy an annual membership that gives you access to a wide range of conferences around the country or world? That’s the idea here. 
“Conference organizers would like this as a way to presell tickets,” writes Rob Stretch, who proposed this one. “The difficulty would be in figuring out the math of how many people are actually likely to attend each one.”

As Kernal is in its early stages, it's difficult to ascertain what their own business model is and how do they plan to monetize the platform. It's also not clear what legal claim the idea submitters may have, if there idea became the next billion dollar opportunity. We'll keep on looking into this and share updates as they become available.